Our Mission:

TAZ (Trending the Arts with Zeal) is a non-profit performing arts peer-mentoring program under the auspices of Trendz Dance Technique and Education Center. Taz is dedicated to providing movement instruction as well as acceptance, friendship and socialization opportunities in an inclusive environment to individuals with special needs while empowering teenage volunteers by building their leadership skills and fostering tolerance, values of altruism and mentorship.

Program Impact:

TAZ will build a bridge on common ground through the medium of the performing arts. This bridge will narrow the divide of exclusion by allowing teens with special needs and trained teen dancers to access each others worlds in a meaningful way with mutual respect and kindness. This program will provide friendship, acceptance, and structured extracurricular activities to teens with special needs while inspiring their teen peer-mentors to develop a sense of responsibility and tolerance by sharing their dance skills and training. Furthermore, the teen with special needs will have a sense of belonging while their parents can gain respite, peace of mind, and renewed strength.